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The Interim Board ....

​​Andy Thornton, Interim Vice Chair

Born and grew up in London. Came to University of Nottingham in 1976 and stayed. Over 36 years of business leadership experience in the IT industry. Now an independent consultant.

First watched Panthers on an occasional basis from 1980, attendance levels built up from there. In the last 6 years I have not missed many games home or away.

My favourite player from the very early days was always Terry Kurtenbach. My favourite from recent times would be Eric Werner.

Most memorable moment – being in Belfast with my son at the League win and the celebrations in Rockies afterwards.

As interim Vice-chair I want to do anything I can to help get the Trust established. Professional sports teams have to be run as successful businesses. But they have to win over the fan base and community they serve – two-way engagement is key to professionalism, survival, growth and success.

Karen Coombes – Interim Secretary

Occupation – Research scientist

Time watching Panthers – Four years. I’m a relatively new supporter, started as a reluctant hockey mum, now get twitchy if I miss a match!

Why involved – I love going to matches and supporting the team; I think if there was more dialogue between the club and the fans, it could be better still.

Chris Phillips

Role in the Trust, Interim Membership secretary. My daytime occupation is Treasury Co-ordinator for part of the Toyota Group.

I started watching the Panthers in the mid 80’s when I could get a ticket until I started coming every home game in around 1987 and been a season ticket holder ever since.

My favourite players are – import, Paul Adey and Brit, Simon Hunt. Recently, Marc Levers.

Most memorable game would be the first we won the play offs at Wembly in 1989. My favourite moment would be Ryan Shmyr high fiving the Sheffield bench after scoring in the CC Final at their place.

I got involved with the Trust as I, like a number of other fans felt let down by the way we as supporters were treated such as on ice product, off ice dealings and see the Trust as a way of, hopefully, having an influence.

Chris Matthews

Role: As interim Treasurer I’ll take the role of organising and publishing financial information to ensure members are aware of where their membership fees are being spent.

Occupation: I’m a qualified accountant having passed final exams almost 10 years ago and continue to work at the Nottingham practice where I trained.

How long have you been a fan? I started coming to Panthers around 10 years ago when I started my studies as something to do on a Saturday evening after spending a day in accountancy books!

Favourite player: Patrick Galivan – Was something of an unsung hero of the Championship winning side and ultimately scores the key goal.

Favourite moment: travelling to Hamburg and seeing us compete with some European power houses.

Why am I involved: The story of the Hamburg Freezers really struck a chord with me. On our visit there I saw a really big club with great fans then one day they don’t exist because their owner took a business decision to leave them. I see the trust as a vehicle to potentially save our club should similar business decision ever be taken about Panthers. In the short term though this is a great project to hopefully get the voices of the fans heard.



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