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Nottingham Ice Hockey Supporters Trust – 1946 Supporters Society Limited

Why Become a Member – What’s in it for me ?

Our key challenge and objective right now is to recruit members for the Trust. Maximising the number of members is how we will ensure that the Trust will be representative of the fan-base of ice hockey in Nottingham and will create the loudest possible voice. 

  • Why Join the Trust ?


We believe that by joining the Trust you will increase the opportunity for us to work together for the greater good of the Club and the wider community of supporters. Ultimately, we want to play our part in making ice hockey in Nottingham the best that it can be in fan-engagement, community support, business performance and sporting excellence for today and into the long-term future.

The voice of the Trust creates the opportunity and organised channel for the fan-base to express collective views on what it wants to see from the Club and provide positive feedback on good things that people want to see more of – and there have been some significant positive improvements over recent months.

  • What effect will the position taken by the Club have on the Trust ?


Although the Club is not currently willing to engage with the Trust that does not mean that we are not and cannot have an impact. There is some evidence that our activities have been getting attention and the Club has made positive efforts in many areas to improve things for the fans.

Together we can strive to make a positive difference, either directly or indirectly. The larger the membership the greater influence we can seek to build, making it impossible for the Trust to be ignored. We will not be deterred.

  • Are people trying to make money from the Trust ?


Formally creating a Trust (through registration with Supporters Direct and the Financial Conduct Authority) means that our legal status is a “not for profit” organisation. The operation must be fully democratic and no individual member, or group of members, can make any financial gain for themselves.

  • What do the membership fees cover ?


We are trying to keep initial membership costs as low as we can, but we do need to charge something as running the Trust has operating costs that must be met on an on-going basis. All financial activity will be shown in our annual audited accounts which will be freely available to view.

  • How is the Trust managed ?


We are currently operating with an Interim Board made up of volunteers. We are planning to move as quickly as possible to the point where we can hold elections, through which members (age 16 and over) can stand for Board positions themselves and/or vote other members into position. We need to establish a membership base before we can set a date to hold any vote.

  • What are the aims of the Trust ?


Our immediate objectives include –

  • Attracting the largest number of members that we can in order to create a representative voice for the fan-base

  • To drive and support the Club, whether directly or indirectly, to –

    • improve fan and wider community engagement

    • continue to improve communications content, style and media channels used

    • to put fans first, where it is to the mutual benefit of Club and fan-base

  • Creating and maintaining links with others supporter’s groups and/or Trusts, across ice hockey but also outside of ice hockey where mutually beneficial

  • To work with Supporters Direct to help establish links to UK ice hockey governing organisations

  • To operate in a professional manner, enabling us to provide strong and credible representation for the Trust and its members

And in the medium to longer term we would seek -


  • Through the above – to drive increased passion and commitment in the support of our Club

  • To achieve a level of support that would enable to Trust to establish a platform for ensuring the long-term future of elite level, professional ice hockey for the community of Nottingham and beyond

  • To strive to develop a formal relationship with the Club that would see a positive recognition of the Trust as a valued partner

  • To establish a mechanism for regular, formally structured dialogue between the Club and the Trust

  • What do I get from joining the Trust ?

All members of the Trust, age 16 and over, will be the owner of one share in the Trust (even if you were to donate more than the membership fee) and will be able to vote at the Annual General Meeting, plus any other full meetings called for by the Trust. The rule is simple: “one person, one vote”. 

Members will receive regular updates from the Trust through various channels; eg our website, email, social media. We are also planning to run social events from time to time. We are hoping to offer the opportunity for people to meet with members of the Trust Board on match days at a venue local to the Arena.


Each member will receive a joining pack including -

  • Trust scarf

  • Pin badge

  • Membership-share certificate

  • Free entry (worth up to £5) to a Nottingham Lions match

  • £50 worth of vouchers for use at Virgin Active, Nottingham

  • 20% off food at the Salt Box, Bolero Square

  • Free half-hour legal consultation with Gateley plc on business matters.

  • Discounted price on Mick Chambers ice hockey themed murder mystery novel.


The aims of the Trust will continue to develop as the Board interacts with the membership.

  • How do I get involved and how do I join the Trust ?


You can follow us on Twitter @NottmIHST and on Facebook @NottinghamIceHockeySupportersTrust


If you want to contact the Trust directly please email contact@nihst.org


You can join the Trust by going to our website www.nihst.org where you will find details of membership options, prices and payment methods (including an option to make payments via PayPal)


Our first-year pricing options are -

  • Individual Adults (16 and over) - £10

  • Adult Couples - £18

  • Seniors - £8

  • Students - £6

  • Juniors (Under 16) - £5

Please join us and remember that the greater the number of members the greater the chance we have of being successful in helping make the professional ice hockey in Nottingham the best it can be, for the present and the future -


The bigger the membership the louder the voice

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